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Sino Inflatables Co., Ltd. (Guangzhou), one of the develop inflatable manufacturers in China, was founded in 2008. Since founded, Sino Inflatables has been specializing in designing, producing N selling satisfactory, innovative N precise inflatable products;

With its experienced professional design team and skilled workers in the company, Sino Inflatables has been committing themselves to improving its quality control standard and innovative design standard, gathering excellent production experience, leading the domestic market in China and placing a huge efforts on oversea markets.


Holding lots of professional equipments such as auto-cutting machines, precise stitching machines, N high temp. heat welding machines etc, we have been striving for producing the safest N precisest inflatable units for our customers as much as possible.

E.g. We always custom order heavy duty, Non-toxic and light material of 1000D or above to apply on all our inflatable toys or interactive games, and custom order strongest 0.9mm or 0.6mm pvc tarpaulin for our air tight inflatable products etc; They make our inflatables durable, safe and easy to carry N move.

What's more, all of our inflatable units are double and quadruple stitched in all stressed areas with lead free heavy duty threads, and all of our air tight inflatable units are heat welded by high temperature machine with the similar reinforce structure.

To cater kid's extroverted nature, we always make kids or children inflatable units using brilliant and bright colors, and our design team is good at applying appropriate colors and patterns on all of our inflatable units.


All of those efforts we have been laying is to try to bring kids N children safe and fun days, to give parents a safe place to see the happy growth of their children, and to boom the business of our business partners all around the world.

Warmly welcome to visit Sino Inflatables world: www.inflatalebouncyhouses.com
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Sino Inflatables Co., Ltd. (Guangzhou), was founded in 2008, has been working in inflatable field for more than 10 years; Now we are the reputative company which is combining the capability of its own design, production, sales, OEM & ODM; after 10 years development, our company are now holding 5000 square meters factory area, with a whole set of equipments for stitching inflatables and heat welding inflatables in the factory.

In 2008, the company set up a small workshop in Liwan Distriction, Guangzhou, China, and mainly produced arches, tents etc for domestic market in China.

In 2009, the company changed its main products to inflatable toys, like inflatable bouncers, inflatable slides etc., and its workshop has changed to a factory around 1000 square meters.


In 2010, the company established its own foreign trade department and started to advertise in Alibaba, and since then, the company expanded fast; after years experience accumulation, we gained lots of favorable comments about our inflatables from overson customers and buyers at home.


In 2013, the company expanded its production and sales scale further, and the factory was newly built in a 3000 square meters area; for sale amount, it reachs arund 500,000 dollars.

In 2015, the company invested around 250,000 dollars to refresh its production equipments, including stitching machines, auto cutting machines, high resolution printing machines etc, so the production capacity jumped to times than before.

In 2018,the company established its whole resonable R&D, production, sales system, and gradually became competitive more and more in the world

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No. of Employees : 80~120

Annual Sales : 3 Million-4 Million

Year Established : 2006

Export p.c : 80% - 90%


Our Products Have Passed Many Certificates.

China Sino Inflatables Co., Ltd. (Guangzhou) Certification China Sino Inflatables Co., Ltd. (Guangzhou) Certification China Sino Inflatables Co., Ltd. (Guangzhou) Certification China Sino Inflatables Co., Ltd. (Guangzhou) Certification